us: a team of independent freelance 2D and 3D artists working together to produce high quality digital imagery
skills: 3d cgi
3d character design, development, rigging, animation
dynamics, particle effects, fluid simulations
camera tracking, motion tracking
on-set supervision
color correction, treatment
green/bluescreen keying
wire removal
digital matte painting
editing: from leica reel to animatic to final uncompressed digital output

We are available for discussion of any of the tasks associated with the post production world, creative collaboration, or just to drink beer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

artist links:

jackrabbit pictures

digital dump

arlend engar

dan brittain

jeremy stewart

mannkind design

the third sequence

henderson (coming soon)

trevor adams

uyedetron (coming soon)



The first episode of Ken Meyer's animated series "Nort's Shorts" is online. See "Fish #1" here.

This one features the compositing work of Mike Stewart (Digital Dump) and music by Dan Brittain. Bruce Alcock of Global Mechanic even leant us his horn skills. Dope.


Just found out we won a Silver Telly award for Jawbone Mytalk in the "Use of Animation" category. Sweet!

See it here.


Arlend's got his new website up and running. Check out his skills here.

You can also see some of his older work here


We just finished up two full cg animated :60 second spots for Jawbone handsfree headsets. The work brought together both Jeremy and Mike Stewart, Brittain, Engar and Mann working with Hub Strategy out of San Francisco.

Check out ICON here.

Check out Mytalk here.


Ken Meyer, Dan Brittain, Mike Stewart, and Jeremy Stewart have completed a :30 second fully animated intro / title sequence for the documentary No Fun City. The film, directed by Melissa James and Kate Kroll, follows the hardships faced by musicians in Vancouver, Canada trying to find and keep their venues open.

Check out the intro here.

Check out the doc site here.


Congratulations to Troy Nixey on his directorial debut! Thanks partially to his hard work with us on Latchkeys Lament, Troy's off to Australia with Guillermo del Toro and Katie Holmes to begin shooting this month. Way to go buddy!


Meyer and Adams completed another set of CG NBA jersies for a Yokohama Tires spot with Therapy Studios.


Meyer and Stewart just wrapped up work with Oh Boy Productions and the BC Liquor Distribution Board on two 1.5 minute recruitment spots laden with bubbly visual stimuli. Lots of fun. Cheers!


Engar, Meyer, and our newest collectivite, animation guru Jeremy Stewart just finished up work with Global Mechanic on a :60 for Costco / American Express. The spot, directed by Bruce Alcock, was a challenging combination of 2D and 3D animation. Fun stuff.

See it here.


The CC just wrapped production on a :30 second PSA for the BC Cancer Foundation. The spot raises awareness for the Shop for the Cure 2007 in Vancouver, a benefit which sends a percentage of purchases over the weekend of NOV 24th directly to cancer research. Sweet.

The spot was Directed by Ken Meyer (Jackrabbit Pictures) and utilized the talents of Mike Stewart (Digital Dump) and the Collective's newest member,Dan Brittain. Dan worked some motion graphics on the spot, but it was his putting together of an INCREDIBLE score (on his ukulele and xylophone) which really blew us away. Welcome Dan. You rüle with an umlaut.

See the spot HERE.


The team just wrapped up work with Global Mechanic working on a couple of national :30 sec. spots for American Electric Power. Directed by Ken Meyer (Jackrabbit Pictures) and using the talents of Allan Henderson, The Third Sequence, Laviathan, and Arlend Engar, the full CG spots will be on air in a few weeks. We'll keep you posted.


Trevor Adams (Leviathan) was awarded an Emmy for his VFX work on the series "Battlestar Galactica" during his time at Atmosphere studios. Nice work, eh?


Currently in production:

"Fish!" - A Ken Meyer micro-short.

"Julia" - A short film by Arlend Engar


The Caffeine Collective is proud to announce the completion of Troy Nixey’s "Latchkey's Lament". The short, which clocks in just over 17 minutes, had over 95 shots requiring VFX work. From matte paintings, to 2D compositing, to marrying 3D into shot plates, to full CGI sequences, the team busted their balls on a fragment of a budget all in the name of art and nerdery.

Please check out latchkeys lament to see the mastery

a short film by troy nixey